7 Creative Lead Generation Ideas From the Marketing Playbooks of the Pros

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Today’s online consumer does not take cheap marketing ploys as bait.  If you want your brand, business, or organization to be noticed in the digital marketing arena, you have to create something more interesting than the traditional lead generation strategies to provide the results you’re looking for.

We’ve gathered creative lead generation ideas from the marketing playbooks of the pros that will help you provide valuable information to help your prospects make the wise decision to stay with you.

Produce Product Explainer Videos

65 percent of your audience are visual learners.  They get more engaged with what they see and getting information conveniently through a well-crafted video rather than having to read through your content. You can also use the hybrid approach to gating your videos—embed a lead gen form into each video so that they would show up as your leads watch.

Product explainer videos have an incredible way of engaging with a large proportion of your prospects and will generate leads at a rate of up to 33%. And mind you, your videos do not have to spend much to create a video that will increase engagement and conversion. You just have to make sure that they are well-edited and that they offer value.

Offer Fewer Choice to Create More Leads

If you expect your potential customer to make an informed decision and take action, provide them fewer choices. Offer one clear-cut option based on the desired call-to-action. You will likely increase your conversion rate up to 25% with this strategy. Get straight to the point and let your potential customer know exactly what result you expect from them. Remember, less confusion will create more leads.

Create a Quiz Based on Relevant Subject Matter

Do you want more interaction with your potential customers? One of the fun creative lead generation ideas is to create a quiz based on the relevant subject matter. Engage and delight your customers in a fun way by providing a platform for them to gain valuable information and testing their knowledge. If it becomes a worthwhile experience, your quiz becomes a fruitful asset they will most likely share with their friends, increasing your reach.

Optimize Your About Page

Don’t miss the trick for your About page! Your About page should help you generate leads, hence, it can be improved with creative lead generation ideas that will help boost your lead generation efforts massively such as:

  • Including a clearly defined value proposition in your headline
  • Breaking your copy up into smaller, more digestible chunks
  • Ending with a compelling call-to-action
  • Including an eye-grabbing image or graphic that isn’t overly busy

Offer a Valuable Email-based Course

One of the best creative lead generation ideas that will work well for particularly in-depth topics is how you can prompt a lot of customer leads by offering potential customers a valuable email-based course.  This free education offer will help them achieve online learning which they consider essential.

Buffer, for example, uses this lead generation strategy by giving away 25 social media strategies over a period of 25 days in exchange for a customer opt-in.

Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

There are currently 460 million LinkedIn users worldwide who can be your potential leads.  What’s more, LinkedIn’s new publishing platform is becoming as saturated as Facebook which means that it is a useful platform for you to grab attention and cut through your competition.

Post valuable content for your target audience via your LinkedIn network like compelling articles, news, and insights, so you don’t miss out on valuable leads.

Present Yourself in Quora

Quora’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years making it as one of the means of creative lead generation ideas that you can use to present yourself to potential leads. Create a Quora account and join conversations that will dazzle your leads with your authoritative knowledge. You can provide backlinks to your website or landing page exposing your brand to leads who need the solution you are offering.

Take the Lead!

There are all sorts of creative lead generation ideas that you can use, including more tried and true methods. Among these are hosting webinars, running a contest, offering a free ebook download—the list is endless. Take the lead in choosing the perfect lead generation strategy that will improve your brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and improve your sales on an enormous scale.

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