9 significant features of a stellar medical clinic website

Your medical clinic website can enable the existing patients to get in touch with you and new visitors to grasp your work. It facilitates the sharing of resources that can make quite an impression on the new and existing customers.


In a world where everything is moving to the digital space, having just a brick-and-mortar medical clinic is not enough. A digital presence is a must to attract more patients, provide them with better care, and gain recognition without any huge investment.

Every medical practitioner with a private clinic and every clinic where a group of doctors works together must consider building or constantly upgrading their medical clinic website. If building a website is like rocket science for you, there is always an option of hiring professionals from a Website Design Company to carry out the task efficiently.

The essential features of a medical clinic website

HIPAA compliance

Medical clinic websites should ensure that online contact forms are HIPAA compliant. It is essentially required when your website collects personal information such as medical conditions, card details for payments, etc. When these pieces of information are gathered together, they become PHI (protected health information). To deal with PHI, you can also use secure servers, encryptions, and communication gateways, but they are comparatively expensive.

Responsive design

It is a web design technique to ensure that the website works as efficiently on mobile phones as they do on laptops. In recent times, mobile traffic to search engines is rising. The easier accessibility of mobile phones as compared to desktops is contributing to growth. It is crucial to have a highly responsive website; otherwise, your patients may switch to your competitor’s website for ease of use and convenience. 

Value proposition

Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, says that a value proposition is a text that reflects your clinic’s identity. In a brief and to-the-point sentence, the value proposition summarizes the quality of care and the types of service you offer. So, design a value proposition that is crisp and speaks volumes of your potential to the visitors. Upon reading it, your visitors should think that they have come to the right place.

Contact, location, and working hours information

The website should make it easy for the visitors to get to your office for a checkup quickly. Therefore, place your contact number, location, and the opening hours information on the homepage so that it is easily discernible, impossible to miss. 

Look how the Miracle Hills Clinic smartly places these details on the top, centre, and footer. They also put it on every page of their website. 

Online appointment scheduling

Place an appointment booking form on each page of your website so that the patients can easily book an appointment for their necessary treatment without even picking up their phones.

It also benefits you as appointment management becomes relatively easy.

Qualification and areas of specialization

These sections should be included in medical websites to provide the medical practitioners with a space to highlight their expertise. So, hire an experienced Web Development Company to include these sections in your website and outline your areas of specialization clearly and concisely. 

You should also mention your qualification details so that the patients can be relieved that they are in good hands. If your clinic has a group of doctors working together, make sure you mention everyone’s qualification details and photographs.


A significant number of people read online reviews and make decisions based on them. Online reviews by the existing/old customers help the new visitors to trust the brand. So, make sure you include patient testimonials to boost visitor’s confidence in your services.

Patient resources

Having a separate section to download patient forms, provide payment options, view up-to-date acceptable health insurances, and provide other general information is essential to make the customer experience better.

Blog section

Including relevant and informative content written by professionals at SEO Company is crucial to a medical clinic website. It is proven to improve the website’s search rankings, increase traffic, and distinguish your company from the competitors. Look how Brigham Health Hub puts serious efforts into creating blog content. 


If you are thinking about launching your medical clinic website, make sure it has all the features mentioned above and is designed by experts at a well-known Website Design Company.