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Best Website Design: 10 Ways to Keep Visitors on Site

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Website design is a hot topic in today’s digital world; not only do website owners want to attract visitors, but they also need to make sure that those visitors stay on their website for an adequate amount of time. Website design is the art of using a website to create, communicate and deliver their message. Website design should be based on three important factors: user experience, information architecture and visual style.

It is imperative that website designers understand how these fundamental components work together in order to create an effective site which will encourage visitors to stay on your website for longer periods.

To help designers create a more compelling website design, we have compiled ways to keep your visitor’s attention!

Website design and how to Keep Visitors on Site: 

First, have a straightforward process for website navigation 

This will help website owners understand the flow of their website, and it also helps them see what content is most important to offer first. For example, if they are selling products, they want to make sure the website visitors can easily find their product pages.

Create a website design that is easy for website owners and visitors to update 

If you are not using an open-source website builder like WordPress or Wix, try to provide your website owner with as many helpful tools as page builders, website templates, and website builders. In doing this, they will be able to easily update the contents if needed without having to wait for you to do the task.

Make sure to fix website design mistakes like broken links, 404 pages, or outdated website content 

Try giving your website owners a link that will show them where they need to go for those corrections so that it is as easy as possible for them! As mentioned, don’t forget to fix the links with errors or those that are outdated. 

Provide a blog on your website and make sure the posts are updated regularly

Visitors like to know what is going on with the website owners, and with a blog, they will have access to that information. In a website design, one of the most important elements is a content. Visitors don’t stay on a site if there’s nothing to gain, and blogs are great.

Share your website content across all social media networks

You need to do it so visitors can see it and their family and friends who may never end up visiting the website themselves for whatever reason. Since almost everybody is now into social media, sharing your site with social media is important as it can be the best way to make the visitors stay and browse for more. 

Ensure that with your website design, website visitors can contact website owners via email or through a live chat

Website owners need to be able to communicate with their website traffic and make sure they are happy, even if it’s just answering questions about pricing. 

Provide feedback forms so that website designers can get direct feedback from their website users. 

Feedback is invaluable in website design, and website owners should make sure they are always listening to their website visitors. 

Offer incentives for returning website visitors

Such as discounts or coupons on products, services, or even just a newsletter that lets them know about new deals before the general public! 

Make it easy for website traffic to share your content by providing website buttons for visitors to share posts on their website and social media networks

Remember, your website traffic is not just one type of person; it’s different people with varying needs, so make sure you cater to as many visitor types as possible! 

Do your homework and find out what sort of website you are trying to create for your business or client

Knowing this will help you determine what kind of content is best suited to keep visitors on-site and how much time should be spent on each page. For example, if you want people to buy a product from your website, it might be best not to have excessive text that could discourage them from completing their purchase in one sitting. But, on the other hand, if they are looking at specific products, including prices, specs, etc., they may need more content before getting bored enough to leave!

Create attractive graphics with straightforward navigation, so users know where they’re going on the website

Websites that are easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing will keep visitors on-site longer. While it was mentioned earlier that content is important, you still have to check on the balance. Content plus appearance will be a great pair to make your site stand out among all the sites out there.

Use headlines, subheads, lists, informative captions, and bullet points appropriately so readers can scan web pages

This is especially important for those who have limited time or would like to read specific content in a particular order without skipping around too much. This will also make navigation easier for the visitors, so when they don’t have all the time, they can just scan and choose the contents that they need and would want to digest at the moment.

Make sure your website’s design matches what it offers as well as your business’ branding

The website should be an extension of your company in every way possible – including appearance!

Include links back to other websites from which you advertise products (especially if they’re within the same industry)

But make sure these links serve a purpose by offering information about their policies, products, and website design.

Have a search engine-friendly website that allows visitors to find what they are looking for easily without having to scroll through the entire website or type anything in!

Include social media icons on your site so people can share your content with their friends, as well as check out your other pages from there too! 

It’s important because if you’re not engaging with them online, then chances are good they’ll be gone (and taking all of their potential customers) before you know it. Use an SEO service like Yoast or On Page Optimization Pro that will help take care of any bad links and improve the rating of your page within Google by analyzing keywords used in a text, metadata, etc.

Add website notifications to keep people coming back for more

For example, if you were a website designer and wanted visitors to come back tomorrow for a fantastic webinar on website design, but they just left the site because they didn’t see anything that interested them today (or there was too much content and it became overwhelming) then sends out information about your upcoming events or products in advance!

Incentivize website visits with contests or giveaways so users can enjoy freebies as well as get some great deals online

This will help make sure their customers are satisfied by giving them discounts and making the experience of using your website enjoyable!

If you are doing your website design, then it’s time to implement some of these tips! 

These ways will help keep visitors on-site and coming back for more. Remember – website traffic isn’t just one type of person, so make sure your website appeals to as many visitor types as possible by catering to their needs!