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Blizzard is giving out Diablo 4 beta keys to fans who get themed tattoos

If you are determined to get early entry to Diablo 4, Blizzard has a plan. But I suppose it depends just how desperate you are: convert up to a person of the publisher’s future ‘Hell’s Ink’ activities, get an precise lasting Diablo-themed tattoo, and early entry can be yours.

More than the weekend Blizzard began a tour that will see them consider around find tattoo shops in 8 destinations throughout the US, British isles, Germany and Australia concerning July 16 and September 10. Winners of a social media opposition (which has very long since appear and long gone, unfortunately) have been invited to obtain “bespoke tattoos” that draw inspiration from the Diablo universe from a person of the 8 massive names in tattoo artistry that Blizzard is partnering with for the event. If you are not a opposition winner, you can queue up on the day to decide on a person of various somewhat discreet pre-drawn (or ‘flash’) tattoos.