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Converse Bank bonds can now be purchased via the mobile application

Converse Bank bonds are now also obtainable by using our cellular application. Here, in a subject of minutes you can entire the total acquiring course of action of the bonds from opening a protection account to signing the contract. Whole details on bonds placement is also readily available on the application.

To acquire bonds please start the app and on the house site simply click on the ‘+’ indication to start the programs website page, then find ‘invest’ and stick to the recommendations:

Make sure you be aware that Converse Financial institution is at the moment putting nominal coupon bonds totaling 2 billion AMD and 10,000,000 USD. The coupon produce of the bond is 10% and 4% respectively, the coupon payment frequency is semi-annual.

Even more facts about the issuance and the placement, as nicely as application prospectus and closing phrases can be discovered at

Once fully positioned, the bonds will be listed on the Armenian Inventory Exchange for trading in the secondary market. Any funds involved with the bonds are certain by the Deposit Promise Fund. Any revenue created via the bonds is exempt from taxes.

For further details make sure you speak to us on +37410511 273, +37410511 206, +37410511 247, +37410511 248 or in producing at [email protected][email protected].

Converse Financial institution is overseen by Central Bank of Armenia.