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How Online Gambling Games are Exploiting Kids?

How Online Gambling Games are Exploiting Kids?

Every other day a piece of news surfaces telling that a kid spent all of the savings of his grandparent on online gaming.

Online games are not just a source of entertainment for the kids. They even involve live gambling, making kids spend real money in the game. Well, those are best to be known as the gambling games. However, every online game offers the player to purchase perks so that his role may enhance. Not to mention, players can purchase weapons, armories, health packs, and even change the costume of their protagonist.

Every day, nearly 85% of kids play online games. Alone in the US, 73% of kids have gaming accounts and they regularly play online. Further, the best gaming developers in the world have changed the gaming concept. Now the gamers do not have to purchase the game to play. They just need an account and they can play online. However, game developers encourage players to purchase in-game.

Well, purchasing in-game items is indeed a passion, a hobby, and an interest. But gambling is certainly one of the dangerous aspects.

Gambling Habits:

You know what happens to the gamblers. Think out of the movies and consider real life. Most of the gamblers reach a level in their life where they are unable to have both ends meet. That is what happens when you are broke, and that means most of the gamblers are broke.

The gambling habits deprive a person of his assets and belongings. If you are mixing betting with gambling then you need to separate them.

Betting is like we do in poker. Your hole cards and the community cards are making a powerful hand, you may raise the wager. That is betting, but you gamble with your friends online that you will win the match, that is gambling.

Somehow, gambling is not a legal activity. Many nations in the world do not recognize it as an acceptable action. It is because of the consequences that gamblers have to bear.

Are Your Kids Gambling?

You may have to check your bank account and verify the credit card statement to be sure. Kids aging between 11 and 16 are found to be gaming on 90% of online games. Well, online casino games do not have that much share in online gaming. These are the MMO, multiplayer first-person shooters, and similar games. 

A person aging less than 21 cannot gamble in the US. That means, it is an illegal activity.

However, gambling on games is not limited to gaming consoles and computers. It even extends to mobile phones. In a way, mobile phones have more gamblers than any other device. It is simply because mobile phones are easy to handle and small enough to pocket. We can carry them anywhere and play at any time.

Ahead of that, gaming constantly or more than 3 to 4 hours in a day could be a disorder. WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes it as a gaming disorder. Further, the WHO includes gaming disorder in the International Classification of Diseases.

As per the definition, a person prioritizing gaming over other tasks is a gaming disorder. Perhaps, if your kids are spending a reasonable time on gaming like a couple of hours or slightly more, then that is not the gaming disorder.

How to Look After the Kids:

You may never want your kids to become a gambler. You want them to live a healthy life. Then spending too much time on games may not ensure any health for them. Besides gaming disorder, kids hurt their eyes playing too much on the computer and mobile phones. Along with that, they even hurt their brain and cause mental development issues.

They should play but to a certain limit. However, they should avoid gambling at any cost.

How can you make that happen, if they are not playing in front of you?

You need, OgyMogy phone spy app that will reveal everything that your kids do on their smartphones and laptops. Soon as you find them playing even after you have asked them to sleep, you may turn off their screen using OgyMogy. It is the kids monitoring app that observes everything that kids do. Also, you can see the in-game chat to ensure if your kid is not gambling