On the Internet you don’t have the benefit of face-to-face contact. So
asking people to hand over their credit card is challenging to say the
least. Even if you have loads of regularly traffic due to effective and
consistent marketing it still won’t do any good if you haven’t properly
developed your sales pitch.

It’s a good idea to prepare a list concerning the product you’re
advertising. List the features of your product in one column and then
match it with a benefit gained from the matching feature. This list, as
it implies, is called a “feature versus benefit” analysis of your
product or service. Once you’ve got a good listing then try exchanging
words from more dynamic words or phrases such as crucial, a must, big,
bargain, effortless, fresh, forever, exclusive, innovative. There are
hundreds of powerful words to use. Look at some examples in magazines,
infomercials, the newspaper, and especially the Internet.

An example product we can use is a computer. A feature would be
that it has a PentiumĀ® processor. The benefit would be that it’s super
fast and you can complete work in record speed. The fact it has a
graphic user interface or GUI, won’t compel many people to buy your
computer. However, if you used the benefit of a GUI in your sales
letter, even a child could use our computer, you’d convince more people
to buy your computer. Now you can see how a quick switch in perspective
could change the level of interest in your product.

Now that you have the basics expand on those benefits and features.
Most people are discouraged when faced with long blocks of text so make
sure that throughout your letter you use phrases like, in the next few
minutes you’ll see why this is the best computer. . . to keep your
potential customers reading. The more they read, the better your
chances at getting them to purchase. You could also include references
to a discount that would be listed further down the page.

Ask questions that imply your product will provide the solutions they
have been looking for. Are you tired of waiting hours for you programs
to load?

List in detail how it will help them. Your new computer could help you start a business

Include testimonials of your product. If it’s a new product, offer your
product to your business affiliates and ask them to review and provide
testimonials for your new product.

Make a powerful offer. Add useful tools or additional products that
make purchasing your computer a deal that your prospects can’t refuse.
Receive free printer and scanner with your new purchase.

It’s good to write your letter as if you are having a personal
conversation with your potential customer. Ultimately, you want your
customers to feel like they know you. If you need help, ask people you
trust to review your letter before making it available. In most cases,
you should try many variations. Using offer codes or special links will
help you decide which variation produces the best results.

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