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Is Owning an ATM a Profitable Business?

ATMs are almost everywhere. Is this business profitable? From new strategies to maximize sales leads, entrepreneurs need to always look for ways to make a lot of money. Some owners look to the Automated Teller Machine to maximize their passive income.

Startup and brick-and-mortar, like gas stations, nail salons, and restaurants, may benefit from having an Automated Teller Machine. It can tempt more customers and make more money for their business. But the big question is, “How profitable is an Automated Teller Machine business?”

How to make money with ATMs?

When individuals use ATMs, they usually pay a fee ranging between $1 to $3. This additional fee is how the business makes most of its income through an ATM. When entrepreneurs allow a machine to be placed on their establishment, they have the chance to earn a small commission.

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The simplest way to a commission is when individuals use the device, a small surcharge, and a fee for using that ATM. But owners usually do not receive the entire surcharge. If a person rents the machine, the establishment that maintains it (repairs it, fills it with money, etc.) gets some of that fee. There are different variations of the charges split, but businesses earn income based on the surcharge fee transactions.

While entrepreneurs can make money through these surcharge fees, some entrepreneurs look for ways to use machines to make money. One way to earn money is by placing ads on the ATM. Establishments are placing screens on top of the device and selling advertisements to run on these devices. It can increase income for the establishment and the operator.

Advantages of purchasing ATMs for business

If you are planning to install a device at your business establishment, there are some benefits you can expect. Usually, if the establishment is a cash-only venture, having this machine on the location allows customers to withdraw money so they can pay the establishment for services or goods. Not only that, entrepreneurs can reap the benefit of the additional commission. Other benefits include:

Increased income – Income could increase since the commission people earn on every transaction and new clients entering their establishment to use the device.

Lower credit card transaction fees – Companies with ATMs located in their stores receive more cash payments compared to establishments that do not. By putting devices inside their shops, companies can drive down CC transaction fees.

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Convenience – Providing consumers with easy-cash options in their stores means they are providing customers with convenience.

Flexible plans – ATM companies usually help with the marketing and allow entrepreneurs to lease or buy the device, depending on what works best in the trade. There are short-term agreements and cancel-anytime plans, and some firms help owners with marketing their ATMs.

Purchasing an ATM

These devices cost around $1,000 to $15,000, depending on if they purchase a second hand or a brand-new device. While purchasing a second-hand machine is a lot cheaper, they are primarily looking older and runs slower, and since they are used, a lot of people might not use the machine. When buying this device, there are various types owners need to consider, like a freestanding or counter-top model.

The kind of device also affects its price. If entrepreneurs are interested in purchasing this apparatus and want more info, check out websites, social media posts, or forum sites related to this industry to know some of the benefits of owning one, like free ATM placement and free advertising.

Another consideration when having this kind of business is that owners are responsible for maintaining this device, including if it is loaded with money and ensuring it is working properly. Anyone can purchase this apparatus right away and place them in a good location on their own. They can load it with cash from their primary store, cutting out a third-party maintenance company, which lowers the maintenance cost. Purchasing your own device or doing self-service maintenance is pretty profitable, and between 10 and 30 transactions per month can yield high returns.

It is an excellent secondary source of passive income that can generate anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000 additional revenue per year, depending on its area. And lastly, owners need to choose the right area to put their ATMs. Find locations close to schools, churches, universities, shopping malls, arcades, or food streets to maximize the revenue flow.