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Owners Of ‘Gran Turismo 7’ Locked Out Of Single Player Game When Online DRM Servers Go Down

Owners Of ‘Gran Turismo 7’ Locked Out Of Single Player Game When Online DRM Servers Go Down

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When an individual asks me what DRM is, my reply is pretty uncomplicated: it’s anti-piracy program that commonly does not halt pirates at all, and, rather, largely only annoys legit potential buyers. Effectively, then why do software program and movie activity corporations use it at all? Could not tell you. Businesses seriously want to annoy their own shoppers? Evidently, sure. Timothy, when you say this does not seriously halt pirates, you are exaggerating, ideal? No, not at all.

The worst of the examples of legit consumers getting screwed by movie game DRM involve when a sport or product or service is bricked basically since a publisher or its DRM companion simply just shuts down the servers that make the DRM do the job, on function or if not.

Gran Turismo 7 was just lately introduced on the PlayStation and is presently experiencing big headwinds owing to the public’s complete dislike for all the microtransactions included in the recreation. On top rated of that, the entire game, which includes the one player written content, was rendered unplayable simply because the DRM servers that call for an on the net look at to enjoy the sport crumbled for the duration of a routine maintenance window.

The scheduled server servicing, timed around the launch of the variation 1.07 patch for the video game, was to begin with prepared to last just two hrs starting at 6 am GMT (2 am Jap) on Thursday early morning. Six hours afterwards, even though, the official Gran Turismo Twitter account introduced that “due to an situation discovered in Update 1.07, we will be extending the Server Maintenance period. We will notify every person as soon as attainable when this is most likely to be accomplished. We apologize for this inconvenience and check with for your persistence even though we do the job to resolve the challenge.”

“Inconvenience” in this case means not currently being able to engage in the sport the consumer purchased. Like, fundamentally at all. Why the single participant content material in a console game of all things really should call for an on the web verify-in is completely further than me. Console piracy is a matter, but definitely not a great deal of a thing. There is zero possibility that this DRM is truly worth the headache Sony now has on its arms.

A headache that lasted for additional than a full calendar working day, by the way. And a headache that Sony’s competition picked up on to use in messaging to the general public on social media.

For now, Gran Turismo 7 owners drained of waiting around to engage in the video game they purchased are forced to appear somewhere else for their racing fix. As EA and Codemasters have cheekily tweeted, Grid Legends “is a videogame with vehicles in it that you can engage in suitable now.” Imagine that!

Visualize that.

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