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Photography: 5 Types of Lenses Explained

Photography 101: Understanding Camera Lenses Basics - 2021 - MasterClass

Photography is an art, however, a different kind. It is common knowledge that artists are the mind and soul – everything, behind an artwork. The artwork embodies the thoughts and feelings of the artist, and by artwork, we don’t mean painting. 

Writing is an art, the same as singing, however, Photography is in its league. This art doesn’t just depend on the artist to breathe life into it, the camera has an important role to play in making the pictures look great. Getting a good camera is also part of the bargain and has got you covered through the provision of objective user reviews. 

You might also need the professional advice of a Photospecialist when getting camera lenses. So, having a camera as a photographer is important but what’s more important are the lenses used for the camera. This is because the lens determines if the image will come out as clear as the blue sea or blurred. 

Camera lenses vary to suit the type of shoot the photographer is having. It could be an indoor shoot or an outdoor shoot. Whatever the case may be. However, it is worthy of note to know that two lenses cannot perform the same function. 

We should also know that every camera lens has two characteristics, and they are:

  • Focal Length: This is what lets you either zoom in on your pictures or let them fit the frame. The focal length can be found at the top of the lens. 
  • Aperture: This is what determines how much light can pass through the camera’s light sensor.

So, in this article, we will be explaining 5 different types of lenses and what you need to know about them.

  1. Zoom Lens

This type of camera lens is the most popular amongst photographers. Almost every photographer has this particular lens in his photography toolbox. The lens can be used for any shoot because it has a flexible focal length, this could be why they are popular amongst wedding photographers. 

  1. Fisheye Lens

This lens can come in handy for lovers of nature. This camera lens allows you to capture a large space and it can be mainly used to take abstract or creative pictures. However, this lens can be used in its full capacity by professional photographers.

  1. Wide-Angle Lens

If you are into photographing architecture or landscape, then this camera lens is what you need. Wide-angle lenses are just perfect for architecture because it lets you capture the type of picture you want and how you want it. 

  1. Telephoto Lens

This camera lens is bulky and requires a tripod to support it. It comes in handy for sports photographers, wildlife photographers, etc. This lens is for photographers who want to capture very far from them. We are not certain that armatures can be able to use it. 

  1. Prime Lens

This camera lens is quite handy and can be a travel lens, however, it has a fixed focal length which makes it less flexible for use. They can be used to capture sharp photos

A skilled photographer can take out an old camera and create beautiful images with it but those images would be better if he had a better camera with the right lenses.