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RimWorld Console Edition (PS4, Xbox One) Review

Our Rating 8.1/10
The Good Deep simulation that qualified prospects to endless abundant, weird and hilarious eventualities
The Bad Irrespective of the UI becoming terrific, it unavoidably receives uncomfortable at instances
Launch Day July 28, 2022
Designed By Ludeon Studios, Double Eleven
Offered On PS4, Xbox 1
Reviewed On PS4

If you’re reading through this evaluation, then chances are you’ve been Rim-curious for years. Probably you have read tales from Computer avid gamers of cannibal tribes who have interaction in mutilation rituals prior to raving to the crack of day, of hippie cults who espouse humanity’s relationship with nature although possessing no qualms about slavery, or of the time 50 % a colony received wiped out by an enraged wild guinea pig that gnawed on colonists in their rest.

If you’re new to Rimworld, then thank you for sticking with this review past that possibly disturbing very first paragraph, and recognize that the unusual shit you examine earlier mentioned is par for the program right here it’s a testament to just how deep this colony survival management sim can go. 


Setting up with a tiny team of survivors, each individual with their have complicated earlier, neuroses, pathologies, and demands, you construct out your colony on a small corner of a world populated with other tribes and factions. You expand your compound, get ready its defences for the inescapable raiders, and find out to use the land – be it jungle, tundra, or grasslands – to your benefit. 

Your conclusions in exploration will dictate no matter whether your colony gets to be a technologically sophisticated one particular harnessing the most up-to-date renewable electrical power sources, a militarist dictatorship, or it’s possible just a rabble of hedonists who mature psychoactive plants in the fields, get significant on them, then promote the rest to browsing traders. You will create trade routes or rivalries with other factions, send out expeditions out on quests for assets, and expand out your colony (generally by capturing men and women from rival colonies). Eventually, you may even break up off a aspect of your tribe to get started a new colony elsewhere in the earth whilst the rest of it continues to be at the original a person.

All the higher than is challenging by the point that you’re not specifically controlling your colonists, but instead creating queues and priority lists of orders for them. You can sometimes intervene to get them to do a selected undertaking pronto, and through fight circumstances you get immediate regulate also, but for the most component your colonists are their possess intricate men and women who will frequently do the things that attractiveness to their personalities. Failing to keep them joyful is just a single of the many means in which factors can go terribly and wonderfully incorrect in Rimworld.

For instance, in the early phases of a new video game as what was essentially a caveman faction armed with bows and knives, my naive attempts to tame a panther led to the creature tearing through my tribe and killing all 5 individuals in it. Through a different video game, I assumed it expedient to butcher the corpses left around from an tried raid by a neighbouring faction. Unaware that a single of the corpses belonged to the son of a person who was now a member of my tribe, I fed him his possess son, which he (someway) realised, top to some variety of psychotic breakdown for the duration of which he murdered numerous members of my tribe before I experienced to ‘put him down.’ On the vivid side, all these further corpses intended additional foods for the cannibal tribe I was seeking to nurture (‘Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!’).

That mix of limited choreographed administration and emergent chaos that threatens to erupt at any second – be it by way of organic disasters, human conflict, or an enraged boomalope that kamikaze-charges into your Wonderful Corridor and blows by itself up – is what’s produced Rimworld a person of the most cherished, most performed games on Steam for years. Descended from the legendarily complex 2006 management sim Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld is the variety of dauntingly deep game that would’ve been unimaginable on console right up until a couple of years ago, so the big dilemma is: does it seriously get the job done on console?

The fantastic news is that, at a fundamental amount, it definitely does. Irrespective of chatting with the game’s builders about bringing Rimworld to console, I nonetheless was not sure how they’d pull it off, and it turned out that section of the procedure associated such a significant UI redesign that the it truly takes advantage of a distinctive know-how stack to the Personal computer match. As an alternative of utilizing a mouse-like cursor, you have a large circle in the center of the display screen that you use to spotlight issues in the planet, although the UI life in the corners, with just about every corner assigned to a various shoulder button that you hold to bring up the options in that portion. 

RimWorld Console Version_20220803222620

The strategy is that you’re never additional than a few button presses absent from the display you want. That is incredibly amazing in a sport where you can go so granular as to regulate each and every colonist’s plan and function priorities, pick what forms of resources to store in a provided stockpile zone, and no matter if to bury lifeless bodies in a graveyard, dump them considerably absent from the colony, or change them into kibble for your pet wargs.

The UI practical experience is sleek for the most section, and right after a few several hours I was now receiving a several button combos into my muscle memory (LT, X, X for the all-critical do the job precedence listing, d-pad down to scroll as a result of colonists then Square to jump to them). There ended up even now periods, nevertheless, when my mind would merely stall as I experimented with to determine out how to have out specified functions.

Coming to the console model as an expert Computer system player, I at the very least had the grounding to know the depth of pursuits I could engage in, but must’ve put in a fantastic three minutes attempting to figure out how to ‘reduce the resistance’ of a prisoner to prep them to be part of my colony. There is also some thing a little unintuitive about changing making elements for a offered product, as very well as navigating some of the setting up screens, like ‘Furniture,’ simply because the tiny icons do not seriously signify a great deal. 

Lying back again and looking at my colony in action on a 50-inch 4K display screen is bliss compared to hunching around my desktop

Normally, the density of instructions in Rimworld implies that sure ones end up relying on factors like analog stick presses, simultaneous button presses, and touchpad presses. Despite the developer’s stellar efforts, there’s no keeping away from the feeling that it was a true squeeze to get all this things onto a gamepad. There is no option to play with mouse-and-keyboard both, seemingly owing to the simple fact that they had to rebuild significantly of the game to get it operating.

But console engage in does occur with its benefits. Lying back again on the sofa and seeing my properly choreographed colony in action on a 50-inch 4K monitor is bliss in comparison to hunching in excess of my desktop. Owning played the Pc version of Rimworld on a 4K display screen as perfectly, I can say that the console version UI is a lot bolder and a lot more legible than its Computer counterpart.

Of training course there will be some friction in enjoying this kind of a administration-hefty activity on console, but offered the selection of individuals teething issues and getting the video game watered down and aspect-stripped to make it extra ‘gamepad-friendly’, I’ll normally go for the former possibility. It’s to the credit of Double Eleven (who also introduced the equally styled Jail Architect to consoles) that each individual single thing I’d do in the Laptop edition of Rimworld I could do right here as well. 

Well, apart from modding that is…

While that place on modding may well just seem like regular Computer system elitism, there are couple games that as mod-welcoming and indeed dependent on mods as Rimworld. The base sport is a fantastic framework for mods, and its easy aesthetic and figures-and-methods-primarily based enjoy lend it to modding like fewer other online games. 

RimWorld Console Edition_20220803203345

In truth, some mods have turn into so fundamental to my perform expertise on Personal computer that it was jarring to engage in a edition of the recreation devoid of them. Getting capable to generate your tailor made starting colonists, for illustration, or making a ‘guest’ procedure whereby you could host website visitors from other factions, befriend, and even recruit them. Even very little mods like ‘chat bubbles’, which display the weird conversations of your colonists earlier mentioned their heads fairly than sequestered absent in a menu, increase a lot of lifestyle to the aesthetically stark game. Although total mod support is unlikely, it’d be wonderful if some of them could be built-in into the foundation sport somehow.

It is some consolation to the higher than that you can invest in the ‘Royalty’ growth from the outset, which adds a bunch of intriguing hierarchical techniques (and psychic powers!). The devs have also confirmed that the Ideology enlargement will be coming at some issue down the line.

As a Pc participant of Rimworld, I’ll be returning to the a lot more bespoke knowledge I have turned the game into on its residence platform, but I’m also delighted that games like this are coming to consoles, and staying ported with this substantially treatment and attention. This is one particular of the finest administration sims and story turbines all-around, introduced to console in nearly all its glory. The high-quality of this console implementation must be a guiding light-weight for other online games in this typically Personal computer-only style to do the exact.