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Want To Become A Brand But Falling Short Of Budget? – We’ll Help You

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Nowadays more and more people are eager to make it their own on the market, instead of just labouring away for someone else. Nowadays, it is especially easy due to the era of online businesses. With so many advantages Google provides along with other available facilities, anyone can create their own brand online and offline as well. And as a digital marketing agency, Dignexus will be happy to lend a helping hand to those dream chasers.

But before we progress, we’d like to know what your requirements are. As an agency, we can only progress campaigning for your business after getting an idea about your need and the aspects you want to progress in. You can select from two options:

  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing

Most people choose the online marketing strategy as basically everyone checks online before making any sort of decision. And this habit has become more prominent after Covid-19. But there’s is still a value of offline marketing as elder people are not comprehensive to search online for their requirement; they get attracted to big posters and other offline marketing.

Online Marketing Services

Online marketing has a vast field of application and each of these aid in turning a business into a brand. Online marketing is basically another name of digital marketing, as it covers all the aspects of online marketing. When one is trying to make it online, including digital services comes inevitably. Digital marketing is the pier service that aids in creating a prominent existence online. Digital marketing has multiple assets that in combination provide the desired results. These are:

  • SEO Services

SEO is one of the vital tools of digital marketing. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used to make a website smoother, better, and attractive. Search engines like Google are the main concern of such services as their algorithm is what exposes a website to the people. But there are many websites available online that it gets especially harder to be in a focus point. That is why; we improve and change our strategies along with Google’s to rank your website higher.

  • Social Media Marketing Services

It will be a waste to not use one of the most used platforms of today’s generation for your gain. With progressed social media marketing, you can get more and more targeted audiences. Social media has become a checkpoint to state what you love and show off. And we will use that to your advantage. We will out ads of your website on various social media platforms to get the attention of potential customers. Not only has that, but by leveraging special offers we can also urge your buyers to mention your business’s name.

  • Paid Campaign Services

The paid campaign is a great way to get sure success in less time. Paid campaigns like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and other social media ads will generate twice the traffic on your website. Google PPC campaign is the sector to invest in as you will not have to invest beforehand, only when a person will visit your website by clicking an ad. This is only one example of the many paid campaigns we’ll be doing on your behalf.

Offline Marketing Services

Dignexus offers various aspects of offline marketing services. Only creating an online entity will not be enough when you want to become a brand. For example, Flipkart has become a brand of sorts because now, whenever people want to buy something they don’t search for it they just open the app or the website to buy it online. And how it came to be? Well because of expanding their field of marketing from online to offline. You can always trust our online marketing service to become viral but to become an absolute brand, this offline marketing will also come in handy.

TV Ads

With TV ads, you can make your brand more and more exposed to people. You can make your brand as attractive as you can by adding catchy music, adding outstanding visuals, and by hiring famous faces as representative of your brand. We are aware that, it will require a certain amount of money, and that’s why our marketing team will provide you with the most fitting offline packages according to your needs.

Radio Ads

No matter what people are saying, Radio is still a preferred source of entertainment for many people. And that’s why, many well-known ads like Levi, Reebok, etc still air their ads on such platforms. So by choosing this offline marketing asset you can make your brand audibly recognizable.

Printing Ads

Imagine this, people are walking down a busy road and then they suddenly notice a massive billboard that is proudly showcasing your brand’s logo and image. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, we can do that for you. Along with that, we can also give you plans that will include marketing with pamphlets to reach more people at once.

Marketing will only get you so far. People will visit your online website with our help that’s a surety we can give but it’s your product or services that will make them stay. When there are already so many similar services present with a better reputation, then why would someone choose your start-up company? Simple, you just have to find the USP of your business that will differentiate your business from others. And we’ll help you find it as Dignexus will be your partner in turning your small business into an enterprise.