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What’s FactoryTalk View Studio, and how to find Online Training for it?

What’s FactoryTalk View Studio, and how to find Online Training for it?

If you’re a fan of the Rockwell Automation company and their products, then you have most certainly heard about the FactoryTalk software. This is a piece of amazing software, and everyone who knows how to use it is blessed with taking over the control of some of the most valuable Rockwell Automation machines.

Learning about it is great. It gives you a lot of opportunities. The only problem is that there aren’t too many skilled and experienced people to teach you how to use them properly.

In this article, we’re going to talk more about what FactoryTalk really is, and how to find the best training for it on the internet. Follow up and learn more about it!

What is FactoryTalk?

FactoryTalk is an amazing software that is a part of the collection of various software coming from the company Rockwell Automation. It’s crucial to know that you can’t purchase this one individually. 

The reason for this is that you simply can’t use it without some of the many other products coming from the popular brand. To learn more about this brand and their innovations, click here and find out more about it.

However, combined with some of the many products of Rockwell Automation, this software can give you access to some operation points that you thought were impossible. Keep on reading to see what it is capable of.

Live Data

The software provides a live data connection between the client and the server. Instead of going to separate places and looking for information, this software provides a link to different endpoints. It eases the process of information sharing between PLC and HMI servers, for example. You can access the information from this software without a problem.


It provides access to files and documents that are useful for everyone. Information on various profiles, such as users, activities, plant-floor resources, tags, or graphic displays. Of course, these are all accessible from a single point, which is very useful in particular cases. For this, there’s a specialized app – it is called FactoryTalk Administrative Console.


A great function that collects the notifications about changes in documents made by users. Everything that is changed during the process of designing, management, and operation of production is going to be evidenced in this program. Then, process control is performed and workers assigned for doing the audit can see what was happening during the entire process. 


A number of safety protocols are available. Since lots of actions can be done by different people, safety protocols can limit the chance for someone to interfere with the work of another. It also allows one-person access to the crucial actions so that there isn’t a chance for something to become confusing. Before performing serious actions, the system will ask for authentication and won’t allow a regular user to start a process.

Activation, Events, and Alarm

What would modern-day software be without these tools? The activation is done securely for all the other programs, and the events and alarm can come in really handy in times of need.

How to learn working on FactoryTalk?

Everything’s hard to do at the beginning. It may be really confusing when you first see how the programming language for this software looks like. Still, this is merely programming and engineering.

If you’re interested in working on Rockwell Automation products and be a part of the automation process that is driving the industry right now, then it’s smart to learn working on this one.

To find the best course is not easy, though. You should be looking thoroughly on the internet. Keep on reading to know what you need to mind before making your final choice. Read on to see what the crucial things for having the best course are?

Look for a reputable source

You can’t be taught by someone who isn’t perfectly skilled. You need to find a person who has the experience and has been teaching for a long time while their students are satisfied with their work.

In other words, you need someone whose reputation is flawless. To find out about their reputation, it is best to visit their site and their pages on social networks. Some of them are available on Facebook, while others prefer other social networks.

All sources are valuable for you at this stage of research. See what people have to say about them. Are they satisfied, and how big is the percent of people who were not satisfied with the training.

Of course, you should choose only those who are proven to be amazing. Those who have the least negative comments are the best ones for you. More positive comments and no negative ones mean they are doing an excellent job.

Search for experience

Not everyone can be a trainer. You can learn some things through books, but to know them perfectly, you should be experienced in working with these products. When it comes to FactoryTalk, you should be only looking for those who had the chance to work on it in the past.

For example, if you take this course – you’re going to be working with a person who used to work for Rockwell Automation. This is the kind of experience you should be looking for.

You don’t need someone who has learned the software just the way you are going to and then share its knowledge to others claiming to be amazing at what they do. If they haven’t practiced their craft anywhere, then they are not your best choice.

Look for value rather than price

It’s important to know what you’re going to get by signing up for a particular course. Are you just going to be taught about programming and using this software, or you’ll get something else?

Some of the courses out there provide lifetime support after you finish listening to it. After the training, you get to reach your trainer anytime you need to remind yourself about something you were lectured about.

In other words, it’s best to look for more features and accessories coming with the original course. Don’t go for the lowest price, but make a comparison and choose the one that’s most valuable for you.


This software is one of the best ones coming from Rockwell Automation. It is useful for everyone working in the production process. Unlike before when workers struggled to get the right information on the factory floor, now things have changed. All this, thanks to the software that provides all kinds of information available everywhere and for everyone.