Where To Download Guitar Hero For the Nintendo Wii?

“Wii would like to play” has sparked one of the upsets in console gaming, the Nintendo Wii. With its motion sensitive controllers, and a dedication to lightweight, casual and fun game play, the Wii was next to impossible to find last holiday season, and looks to be a serious winner in the console game space.

One of the best games for the Wii is Guitar Hero III, which can be downloaded from several sites. Note that even if you download the game, you still need to have the guitar controller to play it. The basic game play of Guitar Hero III involves a track of notes that scroll in time to a soundtrack; you finger fret buttons on the guitar controller to make the notes and score points.

If you want to download guitar hero for Wii, you need to have a reliable Wii download site, and one that provides the game downloads legally. Most download sites have two pricing plans: One is an “all you can eat” plan for a fixed monthly fee, and the other is paying for downloads. If you’re looking for games that are hard to find on the store shelves, these download sites are a viable alternative.

Some of these sites will require that you install a downloader program. Be very careful about sites that do this, as those downloader programs are a known avenue for spyware and malware that can infect your computer with viruses. Download guitar hero for wii can be a tricky proposition as the files are large (lots of musical sound tracks) and it’s currently the hot game. If you’re going to download guitar hero for wii, be sure to have patience with the downloads.

One of the best sites to check for availability of downloadable games for the Wii is Download-Wii-Games.com; it’s not a download repository itself, but it maintains up to the minute listings of what files the major repositories do have – including accurate download times for downloading guitar hero for the Wii.

Be sure to check it out, and make sure you have the right controllers for it! Guitar Hero III is a lot of fun, and easy to get.

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